Thursday, April 28, 2016

Evil Triumphs over Good

        When good people are placed in an evil or uncivilized place, evil triumphs. Usually there's two sides, both with conflicting ideas on the situation at hand. There's usually a good and bad, the problem is the bad thinks that it's doing good. An example from Lord of the Flies is at the end when two twins, Sam and Eric, are forced to join the tribe of savage boys that has lost all sense. They resist and something bad happens to them. "[They] lay looking up in quiet terror. Rodger advanced upon them as one wielding a nameless authority"(182). It doesn't directly say what Rodger did to them but he did do something bad to them. The evil almost won on the island until someone came and rescue them. An example from the Stanford Prison experiment is how the prison guards made their own rules and started to abuse their power in how they treated others. The prisoners were treated poorly and were beaten by the guards. The heads of the experiment didn't stop this from happening until later outbreaks. That is why evil always wins when good people are in bad places.

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